Did You Know Top Most Roofing Components

Every building has a roof, but we hardly ever think of those sturdy, topmost roofing Lincoln NE components, even though they are quite interesting and diverse structures. Here are some fun facts to know about them:

  • The three oldest roofing materials are still used today – thatch has been used since around 5000 BC while clay and stone can be traced back to around 10000 BC;
  • The roofs made from natural materials cost more to insure – stone, wood shake and thatch are energy-efficient, durable and resistant to a lot, but insurers consider them to involve higher risks, therefore they charge more for the policies to insure the roofs made from these materials;
  • Green roofs are leak-proof – if installed properly, these roof types offer the highest level of protection from leaks. This is due the multiple layers of waterproof materials that these roofs are made from;
  • Water can travel upwards on roofs – if a leak occurs, the source is likely to be a couple of feet upward on the roof;
  • Metal adds the least weight to the roof – the material is lighter than wood shake and also lighter than some asphalt shingles, being the best choice for lightweight construction.