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Lincoln roofing companies are great contractors who can provide you not only excellent roofing services, such as roof repairs, roof maintenance and roof installation, but also consultation and advice from Home Solutions of Nebraska about the best roofing materials to choose for your building. The market of roofing materials is continuously expanding, with new materials appearing all the time, so it might be a bit surprising if your roofer recommends you materials that seem a bit dated. However, considering these options traditional, rather than obsolete, is a better way to approach them – here are three such materials that are among the favorites of local roofers:

  • Slate – the most traditional roofing material ever used is still a great option for modern buildings. It is true that the material is very heavy, therefore it is not suitable for any building, but if your construction is made from solid brick walls that can take that kind of wait, a new slate roof will give you unparalleled durability and style.
  • Clay tiles – another classic solution that has been neglected to a certain extent due to the expertise needed during the installation, clay tiles also make durable roofing materials and options that confer a classic style to any building. The single drawback that you should know about if you are considering this option is the heavy weight similar to the weight of slate.
  • Tar and gravel – the solution is still one of the best options for flat structures, even though it has been a bit overshadowed by more modern solutions such as membrane roofs.