Right Questions To Ask Roof Repair Project

When you’re considering hiring roof repair Lincoln NE contractor, it can be very important to know how to ask the right questions. Getting properly informed can mean the difference between a well-designed new roof and one that needs repairs once every few months. You definitely don’t want the latter to be the case!


There are a few very essential questions that you should always ask before hiring a roofing expert:


  1. Can you show me proof of your roofing license and insurance policy? The best roofers will not hesitate to provide you with the proof you need, as they have nothing to hide, and their operations are entirely transparent.
  2. What type of work do you specialize in? Can you help me with my particular type of roof? Some roofers are experts in commercial roofing, but they rarely work on residential projects. Also, others may have more experience with basic asphalt shingle roofing, rather than more advanced types. Weigh your roofer’s answer to this question carefully before hiring them.
  3. Can you provide a complete roof inspection and a detailed, written estimate? The written estimate is especially important, as it can serve as evidence in cases when the costs of the roofing project exceed the initial quote. So make sure you ask your roofer to write down all the numbers before you make any kind of decision.