Home Solutions Roofing Gutter ProfessionalsGutter leaf-guards are products designed to be installed on existing gutters in order to provide protection from debris that may clog them.

Leaves, twigs and dirt accumulate in the gutters and may end up clogging them, and in this case the protection they provide is compromised. The water will no longer drain properly through the clogged pluvial system, and instead it will leak onto the surface of the building or infiltrate in the basement, causing damage to both the exterior and the interior of the house.

When it is made of quality materials and accessories, as well as properly installed, the roof`s water drainage system can save the appearance and functionality of the roof, and also the indoor comfort. Collecting water from the roof and directing it into the sewerage system or draining it to the ground contributes substantially to the long-term sustainability of the building – and that is why the gutters have to remain functional.

You can avoid clogged gutters by using gutter guards. They capture fallen leaves and other debris, ensuring proper drainage of water. Gutter guards will also exempt you from the necessity to clean the drainage system too often.

Installing these products is quite easy and can be done even by skilled homeowners, without professional help. Typically, they can be adjusted to suit different gutter sizes.  Many of the roofing Lincoln NE professionals also do gutter installation and leaf guards if you are looking for someone else to do the job.