roofing lincoln ne roofer contractor spraying insulation

Roof insulation should be a really important topic for you. If your roof is not properly insulated, a large amount of energy consumed for heating or cooling may be lost, depending on the season.

It is not enough to buy energy efficient materials for the construction and insulation of the walls, as long as the roof is not properly insulated.

Your insulation troubles should be discussed with a professional roofing contractor Lincoln NE is home to. Specialists know what to do to ensure the necessary insulation, so they will help you choose the right material and take care of the necessary installation work, which will bring you the desired indoor thermal comfort.

The investment in adequate roof insulation is long-term, and costs are amortized due to lower maintenance bills.

Basic requirements for thermal insulation of the roof

Thermal insulation has to withstand any change in temperature, as well as significant temperature variations – from unbearable heat to severe frosts. The insulation layer must not crack or deform.

The insulation material should not absorb moisture, as this will decrease its thermal efficiency. Additionally, the accumulation of water leads to an increase in the thermal insulation mass and, as a result, it may overload the structure – with all the risks related!