Homes Solutions Siding Installation

Eventually, some elements of your home will have to be replaced. If you consider new siding Lincoln NE installation, you might also take a closer look at your windows, as they might be old too. In this case, considering a more extensive home upgrade would be a good idea.

You can replace siding and windows simultaneously, and you should be able to find siding experts in Lincoln, NE, that can also help with window installation. Besides, you can even enjoy some surprising advantages to doing so:

More significant savings

Replacing your siding windows together can save you some big money. This is precise because contractors are specialized in performing both jobs, eliminating the need to hire two companies. The final price is expected to be more competitive, not to mention that you will save on the time and effort necessary to identify two reliable companies instead of one.

Accurate capping

One of the unlikely benefits of replacing siding and windows simultaneously is that the workers can precisely and adequately adjust the window capping. Why is capping so important? – Because it directs moisture away from the wall’s interior, preventing related damage. If the two operations are performed separately, workers must install the moisture barrier by cutting into the new siding.