home solutions new replacement windows in beautiful kitchen

If your air conditioner is running at maximum capacity, but your home is still unbearably hot, one of the culprits can be your old windows. Here is how the replacement of old, inefficient windows with new ones can keep your home comfortably cool and can also reduce the amount of energy needed to maintain the desired temperature in your rooms:

  • Efficient seals and insulation – old windows usually develop tiny gaps between the glass and the frame as well as between the frame and the wall, these gaps being among the most common causes why old windows let in heat. New windows, on the other hand, are fitted in with new sealing and insulation that do not allow for any energy exchange, one of the positive effects of window replacement being lower temperature inside;
  • The benefits of Energy Star-rated windows – these Lincoln replacement windows are widely available nowadays and they enjoy great popularity due to their ability to keep the heat out through the frame as well as through the multiple glass panes they are composed of;
  • Special treatments available for affordable prices – the homes in hot climate zones can benefit from windows with special additional features, such as tinted glass and special window films called low-E installed on the outermost pane to reflect the sun’s heat.