Choosing The Right Window Measurements How To

The frame material and the number of the panes that make up your new windows are important features, but there is another, very simple feature that is even more important and that is window size. The size of your window will determine many things, including the amount of light that you will get in your room, the insulation that your window will provide and the aesthetic appeal of your home inside and outside. Here are some things to consider when determining the ideal window size:

  • The good size – as a general rule, your window should occupy at least 10% of the wall;
  • Accurate measurements – if you need new windows to replace existing units, making accurate measurements is very important. Measure the gap at least three times, checking the size horizontally, vertically and diagonally as well and don’t forget, if your new window is too large for the gap, you can make the gap larger, but if it is too small, it will be almost impossible to install;
  • The importance of the climate – in hot climates, the windows that get most of the direct sunshine should be smaller to minimize energy exchange, while in colder regions, those windows should be larger to maximize light;
  • Professional help – if you want to make sure that your investment into new windows ensures energy-efficiency, durability and aesthetic appeal, it is a good idea to turn to window replacement Lincoln professionals. Most roofing companies in Lincoln, NE provide excellent window sourcing and installation services.