common mistakes roofing companies make

Many roofers provide subpar services, even though they do their best to build great roofs and to repair the roofs they are hired for. Here are the most common roofing mistakes made by inexperienced technicians:

  • Nailing problems – the right nails and the right fastening method are both essential for having a good roof, yet not choosing the right fasteners and not driving them in correctly are the two most common roofing mistakes. The size of the nails is usually indicated on the instructions of the roofing materials and the fasteners always need to be driven in straight, without the top protruding over the roof surface;
  • Incorrectly overlapping shingles – correct shingle installation requires the creation of an overlap of a particular width. Many inexperienced roofers install shingles with a smaller than correct overlap to save on shingles – a mistake that makes the roof vulnerable to winds and prone to leaks;
  • Incorrectly installed or used flashing – flashing stripes are installed around roof openings and in roof valleys to reinforce the sensitive areas. Some roofers try to reduce material costs by using second-hand flashing that is usually too weak to provide adequate protection. Roof flashing also requires special know-how to install – if the stripes are not adhered or fixed as they should be, the result will be a weak, leak-prone roof.  It’s best to research and find some of the best roofing companies Lincoln NE has to offer to have the job done correctly the first time.