roofing Lincoln home icicles

Winter comes with harsh conditions that can be very hard on roofs, even on well-kept ones. Here are some roofing Lincoln NE issues typical for the cold months:

  • Condensation – when the warm air from inside the home rises through the attic to the roof and it meets cold surfaces, the moisture from the air settles on those surfaces. Condensation is potentially dangerous for your entire attic because it exposes the affected area to increased moisture, which can be harmful for wooden components. The solution is proper insulation installed in the attic and the installation of roof vents to ensure the efficient movement of air under the roof;
  • Leaks – thick layers of snow press hard on the roof surface, especially on sensitive roofing components, such as the flashing stripes installed in roof valleys and where the continuity of the roof is disrupted, such as in the areas around the roof openings. The solution is to inspect the stripes for damage before the first frost and to fix any fault found;
  • Ice dams – the warm air rising from your rooms can also melt the snow in immediate contact with the roof surface. The melted snow then runs down on the side of the roof and freezes again, forming long icicles that can drag down the roof edge and the gutters. The solution is the same as in the case of condensation: proper ventilation and insulation.