Home Gutter Exterior Solutions

The pluvial system is just as important as the roof itself as any informed home exterior company like Home Solutions of Nebraska will tell you.

Types of gutters: metal and plastic

Metal gutters have appeared a long time ago. Initially, the material they used to be made of was copper, which is durable and simple in processing. Over time, copper has been replaced with galvanized steel, which is more affordable and, as the technology has developed, it also gained a decorative and protective polymeric coating.

Plastic drainage systems are made of PVC. This material is more vulnerable when the production technology is not respected. Such gutters are mainly manufactured by hot extrusion and casting, which is why there is a potential risk that the plastic may irreversibly lose its properties in the production process, in the event of a technology violation.

The assortment of plastic drainage products is similar to metal systems. Also, both systems are available in different sizes, depending on the required drainage capacity of the pluvial system.

Some argue that PVC gutters are not inferior to the metal gutters: the installation of both systems is performed in a similar way, all the elements fit together perfectly, and, during the operation, both materials demonstrate an equally high performance. However, the choice of plastic gutters should be made carefully. If metal gutters with the proper degree of protection keep their properties unchanged for decades, PVC is more sensitive to the negative influence of temperature changes and especially to strong ultraviolet radiation.