Types Of Gutters

Knowing facts about different types of gutters allows you to make the best choice for your home, when you look to install new gutters or replace the existing ones.

“What type is the best?” is a common question. Read on and find the answer.

Gutter classification according to the material

The typical materials gutters are made from include metal (aluminum, copper, steel, galvalume, zinc) and vinyl.

Gutter classification according to the profiles (styles/shapes)

  • K Style Gutters (also known as ogee gutters)
  • Fascia Gutters (these are most commonly seen in the Western part of the US)
  • Half Round Gutters (in the shape of a half circle, with the open half facing up).
  • European Gutter Systems (also typically half round, but with a gutter bead turning to the outside)

Gutter classification according to their construction

According to this criterion, gutters can be sectional or seamless, meaning they are either made in sections or in a continuous piece.

Gutters can also be differentiated according to their color. There are various options, depending on the visual effect that the building owner prefers. Gutters are quite visible elements, so they must complement other exterior elements such as the roof and the siding, to create a nice visual effect.

Last but not least, gutters can also be classified according to their size. You can typically opt between “5-inch” and “6-inch”, which refers to the width across the top of the gutter.   The roofing Lincoln NE professionals should be hired, for best results.