winter roofing issues contractorA lot of people believe that, simply because snowflakes are lighter than rain drops, snow is harmless when it comes to the impact it can make on your roof. However, this is far from being true. Snow storms and even regular snowfall during winter can cause a lot of damage, and much of it might not even be visible until you have a professional roofing contractor Lincoln NE has take a look at your roof during the spring.


Snow might not be fluid, but it can add a lot of weight as it builds up on top of your home. Many older roofing systems simply aren’t made to handle the extra weight, and if their construction doesn’t buckle under it, then they might sink in and damage the interior structure of your home, your walls, and even the framing of your front door.


Even if your roof is robust enough to prevent all that, snow can still cause a lot of trouble, especially as it freezes. The pressure with which it pushes down on your roof along with the freeze will harden the snow and create buildups known as ice dams, which further drag the side of your roof down. Aside from the damage they can cause to your roof, ice dams can also lead to structural damage, gutters that are bent out of place, insulation and ventilation issues and even water damage once the ice begins to melt.