Home Solutions Design TipsThe color scheme that you choose for your roof and your siding will determine the overall style of your entire building, so making a careful decision in terms of the hues to use is essential for your building design. Here are some tips about how to choose the best color combination:

  • Consider the style of your building – Victorian or Colonial homes feature classic styles that are best matched with classic hues, such as shades of tan, cream, grey or terracotta. White and cream work best for the trim, terracotta and shades of brown look great for the roof, while tan is a great, traditional choice for the rest of the walls;
  • Consider the adjacent buildings – if the other buildings in your street all feature classic designs and toned-down colors on the siding panels and on the roofs, stay within the same range when you choose the colors for your roof and siding;
  • Consider the climate – light colors reflect solar heat, while darker hues absorb it, so the right color choice can help you reduce your building’s heating and cooling bills. Make sure to take into consideration the temperatures that characterize the climate in your area when you choose the colors for your home exterior.

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