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Exterior siding plays multiple, important roles, one of them being to create a consistent, attractive appearance for the building by integrating the look of the walls into the overall design of the building. Here are some of the most common siding types that siding contractors Lincoln NE install and the building designs that they work best with:

  • Wood siding – the attractive, natural material is best suited for buildings that feature classic styles. The most common wood varieties used for making siding panels are redwood, cedar and pine, each of them featuring different graining and colors, but all of them adding traditional charm to the building they are used on;
  • Vinyl – the synthetic material comes in such a wide range of styles and colors that is suitable for any building style;
  • Metal – metal siding panels are best suited for modern buildings, especially for construction that features a minimalist or industrial design;
  • Brick and brick veneer – these two solutions are also perfect for classic buildings. They are also very durable, guaranteeing the good looks of your construction for around 100 years. If you find brick or brick veneer appealing, you need to know that durability and unique curb appeal come for a price – both full brick and brick veneer are currently among the most expensive siding options.