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A concrete roof is considered a safe and effective investment, indicated for sloped roofs. It is very resistant in any weather conditions; even if individual tiles are affected by hail or a violent storm, they can be easily replaced.

Concrete tiles are made of limestone, sand, clay and mineral pigments. Being composite, they are durable, aesthetic and offer good value for money, being one of the roofing solutions recommended by the best Lincoln roofing companies.

Concrete, as a raw material, has many advantages and positive characteristics:

  • Waterproofing and resistance to freeze-thaw cycles
  • It does not exfoliate and, considering its low hygroscopy, compared to other materials, the weight of a concrete roof will not vary.
  • Color consistency and smooth surface – Concrete is mass-colored. The desired color is obtained with the addition of oxides, so the color of the tiles is homogeneous.
  • Dimensional accuracy and practical use – The production technology ensures precision, which, in turn, ensures perfect placement of the tiles.
  • Weight, which gives the roof stability and high mechanical strength
  • Storm resistance as well as excellent thermal and sound insulation

Concrete roofs come with warranties that can exceed 30 years. In order to benefit from the warranty for all the components of a concrete roof system, the roofing Lincoln NE specialists advise you to purchase both the main products and the accessories from the same source.