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Sustainability and environment-friendliness being increasingly important requirements these days, the demand for materials that meet those requirements has increased as well. Here are some of the roofing materials that fit in:

  • Cool roofs – the roofing systems made white gravel and glue are gentle on the natural environment while also reducing the energy needs of the building underneath by reflecting solar heat, rather than absorbing it;
  • Metal – whether applied in the form of large sheets, as shingles or tiles, metal roofing materials are versatile, attractive and energy-efficient. The manufacturing process of these materials is sustainable and metal roofs are also 100% recyclable;
  • Clay tiles – one of the most traditional roofing solutions available today is preferred for its classic appearance, the elegance it confers to any building as well as for its energy-efficiency. The material is completely natural as well and preferred by roofers in Lincoln;
  • Slate – the heaviest, sturdiest and most durable roofing material is also an all-natural solution. Slate usually comes in the form of tiles and shingles, each tile or shingle being completely unique and often made manually;
  • Green roofs – these roofs practically consist of rooftop gardens, equipped with special irrigation and drainage systems. The solution comes with the additional benefits of improving the quality of the air inside and around the building and of reducing the urban heat island effect.