Siding Colors 2020 Trends Home Contractors Trends

Home exterior design trends usually stay relevant for about a decade, but shorter-lived new trends come in each year – here are the trends to expect for 2020:

  • Darker colors for the walls, contrasted with lighter trim colors – in the past, darker colors appeared mostly on the trim, to delimit structural units. One of the most attractive trends for 2020 is to do it the other way around, using the darker hues on the wall surface and delimiting the elements with lighter-colored or a crispy white trim.  The siding contractors Lincoln NE has perform a number of installations and color selections;
  • Extended living areas with well-designed decks – modern decks accommodate not only a table surrounded by some seating. A trendy deck today has a fire pit or even a hot tub that is kept in use the entire year;
  • More glass – sliding glass doors and floor to ceiling glass doors are very trendy these days, preferred by homeowners for their ability to enlarge any space and to create an organic, fluid home that makes the most of natural light;
  • Using black – black is a color that works with any other hue and 2020 will see it used as accent color for shutters, window frames, doors, even for covering walls partially for interesting design solutions.