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Hailstorms are getting stronger and more frequent each year – if your property has been recently hit by severe hail, here are the issues that might require you to hire a roofing contractor for a professional inspection and repair recommendations:

  • Visible damage – if you look up at your roof from the ground and you see missing or damaged shingles or sagging, torn gutters, it is a good idea to call a roofer to perform a detailed damage assessment. Your roofer will be able to detect not only visible damage, but more hidden faults caused by the hail, such as cracks in the flashing or chipped roofing components;
  • Gutter problems – if you see that your gutters are sagging or water is pouring through holes that were not there before the hail, you roofer can also help with a professional inspection to reveal other issues, such as cracks or loose fasteners;
  • Signs of excessive moisture in the attic – if your roof has been damaged by the hail, one of the first signs will be moisture under the roof, in your attic. If you see any droplets on the surfaces in the attic, call roofing contractor Lincoln NE has to identify the leak source and to fix the fault.