Roof Gutter Repair Nebraska HomesRestoring the cleanliness and strength of your gutters after a spring storm is essential for maintaining the strength and the proper performance of your entire building. Here is how to do it correctly:

  • Get a sturdy, safe and stable ladder – the ladder is the largest tool you will need for the task. Check every inch of it before you climb on it, making sure that all its components are strong enough to support your weight and pay special attention to place it on soil that is hard and straight;
  • Get a scraping too, a brush and a bucket – you will need these for removing and collecting the debris left in your gutters by the storm;
  • Get a long, thick piece of wire or some other, similar tool to clean the clogs that have developed inside the downspouts;
  • Get up to the roof and clean every inch of the gutter pipes, collecting the grime, dust and debris into your bucket;
  • Clean the downspouts, too – you might need to disassemble the pipes to remove all clogs.

While you are doing the cleaning, check the gutter pipes and the downspouts for any signs of damage, such as loose fasteners, cracks, rust, holes or sagging and remedy them all to make the structure more resistant.  For professional results look for roof repair Lincoln NE area and get the job done right.