Helpful Tips Lincoln Window Replacement

Window glass comes in various forms designed to meet multiple purposes in a home. In the last 30 years, glass technology has advanced significantly, making it possible to customize each window and space in your house for its specific needs to maximize security, comfort, and energy efficiency.

Glass could seem like just glass to you. Yet, not all window glass is the same.

The primary issues that different types of glass kinds address are as follows:

  • The efficiency of energy use in cold rooms
  • Shield furniture against sun damage
  • Soundproof
  • Glass safety for exposed areas
  • Laminated glass to increase security


Different types of glass you might want to consider for your home window replacement Lincoln area project include:

  • Low-E

This is an energy-efficient type of glass. It has a unique microscopic coating that minimizes heat transfer and reflects heat into the room.

  • Low-iron glass

This type of glass has a particular clarity that can let through more UV light for more significant solar gain. It is also used in solar panels to maximize harvesting.

  • Obscure glass

A room can have additional privacy thanks to obscure glass, without the need for shades, while preserving natural light. This type of glass is advantageous in restrooms, front doors facing the street, and even bedrooms overlooked by neighbors.