Marked Hail Damage Home Roof Solutions

Depending on the type of roof you own, hail damage can take on different forms, and they aren’t always easy to spot. Of course, a softer roof such as certain types of membrane roofs, asphalt shingle roofing or wood shakes can display visible dents or marks that would indicate the roof was damaged by hail. Hard concrete, for example, might show some mild signs of similar indentations, but in its case, the marks you have to look for are more easily found in the flashing and other areas that connect the roofing areas instead of the actual tiles.


To spot hail damage, you will first need a visual examination of your roof. You can do that by simply climbing up on a sturdy ladder and examining the roof’s various vulnerable areas. These areas are the ones most likely to produce a leak, so pay special attention to them. Sometimes you can spot leaks before even realizing that your roof was affected by hail. In such cases, you can simply track the leak back to its source, and at that point you may find that the culprit was hail damage all along.


The best way to determine once and for all whether your roof was affected by hail or not is by contacting your local roofing experts and have them over to inspect your roof firsthand. Then they can determine the extent of the damage and suggest various solutions that will even help you save on repair costs over time.  Look to the hail damage repair experts at