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Trees are wonderful assets to possess around your home – they add beauty, they create a welcoming atmosphere and a cozy space, they create shade and they improve the quality of the air, too. However, trees can also cause harm to the structures that they grow next to, especially to roofs – here are some ways that your precious trees can damage your roof:

  • Branches overhanging the roof – large trees are old trees, too, which means that their limbs might not be as strong as the branches of young trees. If such a weakened, large limb is overhanging your roof, the branch might be torn off and dropped onto the roof by the next storm, breaking or cracking the roofing components underneath;
  • Falling leaves – the dried leaves shed by your trees can accumulate on the roof and they might trap moisture, exposing the roofing to water and weakening it. Dried leaves can also gather in the gutters and in the downspouts, causing clogs that prevent the proper drainage of water;
  • Falling trees – if a strong storm meets a weak, large tree, the consequences can be devastating for the building as well as for the structure and the people around.  Be sure to have a roofing contractor Lincoln NE is home to out as soon as possible for repairs.