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Fixing wood shake roofs can be more complicated than you’d think. While wood isn’t always that difficult to work with, it can happen that your wood shake roof would have suffered more damage than expected. In such a case, a proper roof inspection is not a luxury but a necessity, so one of the key initiatives of a dependable roofing company is to ensure that there is no structural damage and that all damage is properly accounted for and addressed before work begins on your repair project.

Roofing companies in Lincoln NE like those of Home Solutions of Nebraska take roof inspections seriously, and in most cases they can identify even the most subtle of problems such as hidden leaks, the presence of rot or any structural damage your wood shake roof might have suffered over the years. They’ll also keep track of how old your roof is when they make recommendations such as whether or not you should simply get it replaced.


The dedication that roofing companies in Lincoln have to minimize your expenses and ensure you get the best possible results with your repairs is quite impressive. You can be sure that they will be transparent and helpful in letting you know about your options and approaching even the most complex repair jobs with confidence and proper attention to detail.