fiber cement siding contractors install

Before you decide on the best type of siding to install on your newly purchased Lincoln NE home, it’s very important to consider the climate and overall weather patterns that might be found in the region.


The climate in Lincoln, Nebraska might be somewhat harsh. Hot and humid summers will almost eliminate the viability of installing wooden products in place of your old siding, and the changing weather and storms in the area rarely support cheap vinyl siding products. While the winters can be windy and snowy, as well as exceedingly harsh in some cases, they rarely feature negative temperatures. Temperatures below freezing are still present sometimes, so you’ll have to plan your siding installation accordingly.


Considering these details, most siding contractors Lincoln NE experts will recommend fiber cement as virtually the only practical option for keeping your home protected from the harsh climate and weather conditions in the area. Fiber cement is strong, durable and able to withstand temperature changes and bad weather. It doesn’t succumb to increased humidity and UV radiation, and it’s also relatively low maintenance.


Even though your upfront costs might be a little higher, the long term durability and resilience of fiber cement siding will make it worth your while. Even the best experts who know about siding in Lincoln NE will agree that this is the best course of action.