New Siding Materials Longer Lasting Durable Waterproof

Replacing old, damaged siding is a great way to prevent water damage, but only if your new siding is installed correctly. As no siding is able to keep water away by itself, here is how to ensure that your new building envelope prevents the penetration of moisture:

  • Add the required layers – your siding panels represent just one out of the many layers that make up the siding on your building. To reduce the risk of water damage to the minimum, the layers you need between the water-resistant siding material and the wall are the sheeting, the flashing, the wrap and the caulking. If you add a new layer of pain as well, the paint will act as another layer that improves water-resistance;
  • New siding panels are stronger – while good siding consists of many layers, it is also true that any new material is stronger and more intact than old materials, which also means that your new panels will not have any thin cracks and punctures that might let water through, so new siding product are more water-resistant than old materials as they are;
  • Modern materials are more efficient – siding panels are replaced every couple of decades, time during which building materials evolve a lot, so the materials you buy today are surely more resistant and more durable than the materials you have on your building right now as you can see