Scheduled Roof Maintenance Helps To Lower Utility Bill Cost

The thermal comfort of a house is greatly influenced by the quality of the roof. The differences between an efficient thermal roof and a poor quality roof can be noticed in the utility bill. A strong roof, with proper insulation will prevent air transfer and ensure that there is no unnecessary thermal loss.

Any roof should be fully insulated with quality materials, because although this is a quite big investment, it will prevent your home from losing about 20% of the energy through the roof, as it happens if you are not willing to make this investment. The main purpose of the insulation is precisely to make a home more energy-efficient and, improve thermal comfort while still ensuring proper ventilation.

What causes energy loss?

One of the main causes is the air movement in and out of buildings. In winter, when the heating systems are operating, the indoor air is warm and dry, so it has a lower density. When cold air (which is denser!) gets in, the warm air inside is pushed to the top, and if the roof is not insulated, the heat will be easily lost.

In the summer, we typically use the air conditioners to cool the indoor air, but it will be also lost quickly through uninsulated parts of the building and the cooling process will have a low efficiency.

A good, insulated and ventilated roof reduces air transfer and lowers your utility bill and should have annual roof repair Lincoln NE contractors provide.