Roofers in Lincoln Roof Measurement

Lincoln roofing contractors do not leave anything to chance. When it comes to measuring for a new roof, we use various techniques and tools to ensure accurate measurements for roofing projects.

Here are some common methods we use:

Aerial Measurements

Using advanced technology such as drones or satellite imaging, our roofers can obtain precise measurements. Drones equipped with cameras can capture detailed images of the roof, enabling accurate measurements without physically accessing the roof.

Laser Measurement Tools

Roofers often use laser measurement tools to gauge roof dimensions accurately. These tools emit a laser beam to measure distances, ensuring precise and reliable measurements.

Roofing Software

Many professional roofers in Lincoln use specialized roofing software that allows them to input images or drone footage and generate precise measurements and estimates. These programs often incorporate 3D modeling and can calculate areas and materials needed accurately.

Manual Measurements

While more traditional, manual measurements are still utilized by our skilled roofers. They use measuring tapes, rulers, and other tools to measure the roof’s length, width, and slope accurately.

Roof Pitch Gauges

Determining the pitch of the roof is crucial for accurate measurements. Roofing contractors in Lincoln NE use pitch gauges to measure the angle or slope of the roof. This ensures proper calculations for materials and installations.