how long do windows last window sliding glass door replacement

When it comes to choosing windows for our home, the most common are those made of wood, aluminum or PVC. When it comes to choosing one of these three types, one of the most common questions people ask for their window replacement Lincoln project – and rightly so! – is how long these windows last and when should they be replaced.

Wooden windows, 15-20 years warranty

These are certainly the most attractive choice, because nothing beats wood, on the contrary, most materials struggle to imitate it. However, being a natural material, its lifespan will depend on its regular maintenance. Without it, wooden windows will deteriorate prematurely, and your investment will be unprofitable.

Aluminum windows, 20 year-warranty

In addition to the fairly high weather resistance, we must mention that aluminum windows manage to maintain a cool atmosphere during the summer, which is a great advantage. Unfortunately, aluminum windows also have the disadvantage of oxidizing over time, so they also need periodic maintenance to extend their lifespan.

PVC windows, 20-25 year warranty

These windows represent the most affordable solution and the most durable. This material is very efficient from a thermal point of view, and its maintenance is very easy, without requiring expensive substances or other products meant to make the material more resistant.