roofers needed roof replacemnt past repairA complete roof overhaul or replacement is usually a very expensive project, that is why many building owners decide to patch the roof for as long as possible, trying to delay the time when they need to invest into a complex roof repair or a replacement. Here is what professional roofers in Lincoln say about the approach:

  • In some situations, little repairs can go a long way – leaks, the most common roofing problems, for example, can be easily fixed and the repairs might last long, too. The same goes for the replacement of individual damaged components, such as the replacement of tiles that have been cracked or chipped by a recent storm.
  • Suitable for buying time – roof patches should be considered temporary solutions that can buy you time until you have the money to buy a new roof.
  • Signs that indicate patching is no longer an option – if you notice signs of structural damage on your roof or if the same type of problem keeps coming back, you might need to start preparing for a more complex solution. If a leak is eliminated on your roof and it seems to come back almost instantly or if you notice that some parts of your roof have started sagging, these issues usually signal the need for an imminent overhaul.