How much new roof cost roofing company estimates The role of the roof is particularly important. From the point of view of its functionality, it ensures protection from weather and indoor thermal comfort, while from an aesthetic point of view it guarantees a pleasant appearance, which reflects the personality of the owner. Thus, it is necessary that the roof is carefully chosen and special attention is paid to all the factors that contribute to obtaining a good result. In general, after determining the type of roof they want, people ask themselves the following question: How much does this new roof cost? Factors influencing the price of the roof

  • The surface that needs to be covered
  • The shape of the roof
  • Type of materials (metal shingles, ceramic or concrete tiles, bituminous shingles, folded sheet metal, membranes etc.)
  • Origin of the materials (certifications, approvals, international quality standards)
  • The manufacturer and/ or seller of the roof
  • The price of the roof accessories
  • Installation costs
  • Other factors that could make the installation of the roof more difficult (high height of the house, difficult access, special architectural shape, steep slopes etc.)

There are many types of roofing materials on the market, regular or premium, with increased resistance in different weather conditions, non-combustible, etc. The cheapest variants are the ones with the shortest lifespan, but even in this low-cost category you can find options that offer a good price-quality ratio,