Siding Replacement Roof Replacement Strong Winds CauseSevere wind is among the strongest forces of nature, a force that can devastate any property, including buildings and landscapes. Here are some of the most common forms of wind damage that you should prepare for:

  • Roof damage – high winds can rip off individual roof components, such as tiles or shingles or, in extreme cases, they can completely devastate roofs. The wind can get underneath the roofing structure, lifting it all up and tearing it off.  It can also lead to siding replacement Lincoln NE area and need for immediate repair;
  • Damage to the landscape – severe wind can also harm your landscape by tearing off trees and shrubs or by tearing off individual tree limbs. The airborne tree limbs can be dropped onto your roof and they can be smashed into your walls or your windows;
  • Damage to your garage door – the garage door is usually the largest and weakest opening on buildings and often the easiest victim for wind.

While the damage caused by extremely severe winds and tornadoes cannot be entirely prevented, homeowners can do a lot to reduce the risk of such damage by regularly maintaining their building envelope and by using wind-rated materials, such as special roofing shingles, wind-resistant roof ridges and ridge vents, storm shutters on the windows and reinforced entry doors.