Mistakes Avoid Void Warranty Hire Roofing Contractor One element that provides extra security to your home is the roof, which is a shield against weather. When the roof has problems, you should be very quick in taking action, according to what roofing specialists advise you to do. Many people think that if they make certain decisions on their own, they will save some money. In reality, things are completely different. A decision that is not based on correct information can lead to a big waste of money and to voiding your roof`s warranty.

The warranties you get for your roof (for materials and installation) are valid for a certain period of time, which varies according to factors like the type of materials the roof is made of, the manufacturer etc. In between, they can become void if the roof is damaged due to the owner`s negligence. This includes improper operation of the roof (walking on it, making your own repairs, installing roof accessories on your own or allowing other amateurs to do such operations), but also ignoring the roof and its periodic maintenance.

Legally, roof maintenance is the owner`s responsibility and, if they cannot make proof that the roof has been maintained periodically by a licensed roofing contractor Lincoln NE has, the damage will be considered their fault.