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The expertise, experience and professionalism of the roofer that you hire to work on your roof will determine how attractive and durable your roof is, therefore choosing the best roofing company like Home Solutions of Nebraska is very important. Here are some tips how to select your roofing contractor:

  • Look for licensed and insured contractors – no roofing contractor can legally work without carrying a state-issued license and legitimate businesses also need to be properly insured, so look for roofing businesses that meet those requirements;
  • Check experience – roofing being such a vast profession, most contractors specialize in certain areas. Fortunately, most roofing businesses have websites on which they offer relevant information regarding their specializations;
  • Contact multiple roofers – it is a good idea to talk to three or four roofers about your project. Invite them to the future roofing site, ask them to tell you about the process, to recommend you solutions and at the end of the meeting, ask them to send you written cost estimates to see what the project would involve financially;
  • Compare the cost estimates – focus not only on the final amount, but also on the value offered by each roofer for the money they charge. Consider the quality of the materials proposed, the deadlines, the services included, such as waste disposal and site cleaning.