Fall Home Maintenance Solutions

Strong storms and hurricanes are more and more frequent these days – they can form very quickly and hit hard on buildings and other property. While there is no such thing as a hurricane-proof building, there are certainly many improvements that building owners can choose to prevent or to mitigate storm damage – here are some:

  • Special measures to fortify your roof – there are several options that you can choose to fix your roof more securely to the walls of your building, roof tie-down clips and bracing with additional boards being just two of the most common solutions;
  • Hurricane shutters to protect windows – your windows are the most vulnerable window components when it comes to strong storms, elements that can and should be protected with special shutters. Most big construction stores today offer a variety of hurricane shutters made from strong materials, so just browse the inventory available in the nearby store and get your storm shutters installed before the next extreme events hits;
  • Impact resistant materials – impact resistant material varieties can make a significant difference when a hurricane comes. The materials are available for many parts of the building, including the windows (impact resistant glass panes), the doors, the roof (impact resistant shingles) and the walls (impact resistant shingles).  Whatever steps you decide to take to prevent storm damage, calling on professionals from Home Solutions of Nebraska is your best option.