drafty windows window replacement older home

Air coming in through your windows or through the wall areas around your windows not only makes your rooms uncomfortable, but it also causes energy slippage that increases your heating bills. Fortunately, there are lots of methods to solve the problem – here are some:

  • Inspect and repair your windows and the wall around them – during the inspection, look for small cracks and holes and fix whatever you find with some caulk or mortar;
  • Use drapes – curtains and drapes made from dense textile can reduce the amount of cold air that enters through the windows and can also serve as attractive decoration in your rooms;
  • Use shutters and blinds – these types of windows dressing are also very efficient against draftiness. If you live in a storm-prone area, you might also consider getting storm shutters for year-around protection;
  • Replace your windows – if nothing helps, you should prepare for an affordable window replacement Lincoln companies offer. Carry out some research to find the best frame material and buy the best glass panes that you can afford. Modern windows come with glass packages that consist of two, three or more panes, separated between by either air or by inert glass for even more efficient insulation.