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Excessive moisture in your attic space can signal many issues and can be dangerous for a number of reasons. If water vapors stay trapped under the roof, it can be a sign of energy loss and condensation caused by too much warm air rising from your room as well as of improper roof ventilation and leaks in the roof, while the risks involved include damage to the wooden roofing structure in the attic and damage caused to the roof, too. Here are some tips to solve the issue:

  • Check, fix and, if necessary, replace roof vents – clogged and damaged roof vents will trap moisture in your attic, therefore it is very important to have perfectly functional roof vents. You should have one vent at the base of the roof and another one at the top, under the ridge;
  • Use insulation – uninsulated attics are more prone to developing moisture damage and the building that has no insulation in the attic is less energy efficient, too. You can choose from many different insulation types, including blankets and foams, but whatever type you choose, the important parameters are the material’s thickness and its R-value (the parameter that indicates the material’s ability to stop any heat flow).

For proper roof insulation, enlist the help of a roofing contractor Lincoln NE has to determine what is the proper amount of insulation needed for your home to keep your roof in great condition.