keep attic cool hot summer days roofing companies experts

Keeping your attic as cool as possible even during the hottest summer days is essential for protecting your roof from overheating as well as for keeping your home interior comfortably cool without forcing your air conditioner to work too hard. Here are some things to ensure that the air in your attic does not heat up:

  • Ensure proper attic ventilation – ideally, you should have two vents on your roof, one at the bottom and one under the ridge. The proper way to have that done is to hire roofing companies Lincoln NE supplies.  That way the air will always move under your roof and heat will be efficiently expelled even on the hottest days. If you live in a very hot area, you can install additional vents, too;
  • Use additional ventilation devices – electric ventilators and fans can help your vents by pushing hot air out of your attic. The most modern tools can be connected to a thermostat that turns them on whenever the temperature in the attic reaches the pre-set value;
  • Install attic insulation – this method does not directly affect the temperature in your attic, but it prevents the transfer of heat towards your rooms and it helps your interior cooling system maintain thermal comfort without having to work too hard.