Do's and Don'ts Roofing Lincoln Homes Warranty

A new roof requires a substantial investment, so the last thing you need is a mistake or a bad decision that voids the manufacturer’s warranty or the workmanship warranty that you get with your roof. Here are some things to do and to avoid if you want to make sure that your warranties stay valid:

  • Read the warranties – the documents include all the warranty conditions and the actions that void them, so read them carefully;
  • Installation issues to avoid – installation by a roofing Lincoln NE company who is correctly licensed and avoid those who are not insured and installation that does not follow the manufacturer’s instructions is usually an issue that voids the roofing warranty;
  • Perforations – many manufacturers void the warranty they provide if the roof is perforated to install an additional structure, such as an antenna. The installation of roof decorations that need to be fastened directly on the roof surface might also void your warranties, so use only decorations fastened with tape to the edge of the roof;
  • Pressure washing – using pressurized water to clean your roof can cause roof damage that voids the warranty;
  • Installing multiple layers – installing your new roof on top of the old layer is possible in many cases, but it is not something encouraged by the manufacturers of roofing systems and the decision might lead to the voiding of the warranty.