fascia soffit needs replaced home solutions

Soffits and fascia have both an aesthetic and functional role, therefore it is time to replace them when they no longer look good or fulfill their purpose.

These elements are parts of the roof`s structure, providing it a finished aspect and protecting it by preventing water, pests and debris from getting under the roof. Soffits also contribute to proper roof ventilation.

When these elements deteriorate, it is easier and more convenient to replace them than to attempt repairing them.

These are some of the signs indicating that a soffit and fascia replacement will be in order soon enough:

Cracks and peeling paint

These issues not only look bad, but they may also indicate further damage. Cracks may lead to leaking, while peeling paint can be an indicator of poor ventilation and moisture problems.

Pests in the attic

Pests are annoying and nobody wants them in their attic. However, sometimes they manage to get into your household and this could be an indicator of damaged soffit and fascia.

Suspected asbestos

In older homes, existing soffits and fascia may contain asbestos, which has been proved to be dangerous to people`s health and is not used anymore in the roofing industry. If you suspect that asbestos has been used in your soffits and fascia, call roofing specialists https://homesolutionsofnebraska.com/ to replace them with elements made from risk-free materials, such as wood or PVC.