Storm Damage Signs Roofers TipsRoofs and siding are built to stand up to harsh weather, but extremely strong storms can cause severe damage even in the strongest structure. Some forms of storm damage are obvious, while others are concealed and become visible only over time – here are the signs from roofers in Lincoln to look for:

  • Missing shingles or tiles – one of the most obvious signs of storm damage on your home is that roofing components are missing from the roof;
  • Shingle granules around the building and in the gutters – the mineral granules that form the topmost layer of asphalt shingles serve the purpose of weather protection, but winds raging at very high speeds can remove them, leaving the shingles vulnerable and exposed;
  • Damage sustained by the flashing and the gutters – the roofing components made from metal are especially sensitive to high winds and if the storm is also associated with hail, the damage can be quite substantial. High winds can lift and bend metal components and they can tear off gutter pipes partially or even completely, while hail can cause dents and cracks;
  • Damage caused by impact – high winds usually carry large debris, such as tree limbs that have been ripped off of old trees. When these large objects get dropped on roofs, they can crack and break even the strongest material and they can also cause damage in the chimneys, the skylights the dormers and the other extra features on the roof.