Home siding solutions newThe siding is an often neglected component of the building envelope, even though it plays not only an aesthetic role, but an important functional and protecting role by preventing the direct contact between the building’s walls and the elements. Whatever material your siding is made from, the time when the panels can no longer fulfill their roles and need to be replaced will eventually come – here are some signs to indicate that replacement is necessary:

  • Cracking, warping or rotting – walk around you building and check every inch of the siding for mechanical damage. If you detect multiple cracks, warping or you see signs of rot, the signs might indicate that the problem is serious and can only be solved through replacement;
  • Higher energy bills without new appliances – if your energy bills become unusually high without any obvious reason, such as the installation of a new, high-capacity appliance, the culprit for the energy loss might be the failing siding. Check your entire building envelope to find out what causes the energy leak – if it is the siding, you need to replace your panels as soon as possible;
  • Mold and mildew on the siding and/or inside the house – these issues are caused by fungi that thrive in moist environments. If the cause of that excess moisture is that the siding no longer protects your home, it is time to get new panels.  It’s time to take a look at new siding Lincoln NE options.