home new replacement windows shine

Windows are important components of your building not only for functional and comfort-related aspects, but for curb appeal as well. Here is how:

  • Shiny, new surfaces – glass tends to get matted by all the ordeal that it has to endure. Whatever hits your window, including dust, sand and other small debris, leaves behind tiny scratches on the glass surface and those tiny scratches will sooner or later lead to overall matting. Your new replacement windows Lincoln contractors install will shine beautifully, refreshing the overall appearance of your entire building;
  • Attractive framing – correctly chosen frames can complement your building design, making your entire property more attractive. The most common frame materials include vinyl, aluminum and wood and wood-cladded vinyl and metal are also available, allowing you to benefit from the beauty of natural wood even if you don’t want to pay the high price of solid wood windows. You also have a wide choice when it comes to the color of your frames – while plain white is surely the most common and most affordable color, golden oak and darker brown and grey hues are also quite common;
  • Tinted or coated glass – plain, transparent glass is no longer the only option. Tinted brown and grey glass can further enhance the elegance of your building and you can achieve similar results using colored film coatings.