important siding roofing tips home exteriorA lot of people don’t think about replacing their siding until there are visible signs of damage. You might be dealing with an issue that is many years old, yet somehow you kept postponing it year after year, until you might have recently had a home inspection and you were told that the siding is nearing the end of its practical existence.


Even if you don’t get an inspection, there are signs you can follow that will tell you your siding needs to be replaced:


  • Discoloration and visible physical damage is the most obvious sign. Your siding may have been hit by a recent hail storm or worn out over the years by rain and wind. Either way, at some point it’s time to have it replaced.
  • If it’s falling apart and new repairs just won’t help anymore, then it’s better to replace the entire siding, rather than keep pumping money into the problem, hoping that it’ll go away somehow.
  • It might also be the case that your home is in bad shape and in need of renovation. The old siding might no longer be up to code, or it might only provide limited insulation in the face of such problems as excessive UV radiation from the sun and intense storms or temperature changes. Under these conditions, your best choice is to get new siding as soon as possible and have it installed by a well known siding and roofing Lincoln NE professional.