yes or no home solutions hail damageGetting hail damage on the roof is a shocking experience for some homeowners, with ripped off roof covering and severely compromised gutters, while in the case of others, the damage caused is minor in the beginning and turns into a major issue only over time. Whatever the severity of the hail damage sustained by the roof, the homeowners whose insurance policy covers for such damage have only a limited amount of time at their disposal to submit their insurance claim. Here are some things to know about that timeframe and the claim process:

  • You should find out whether you have hail damage at all – the damage caused by large hail is obvious right after the storm, but the damage caused by small ice balls might not become visible until a few months after the storm. The best way to act is to get the roof professionally inspected by Home Solutions of Nebraska right after the storm and, depending on what that inspection discovers, to repeat the inspection in a few months;
  • Check your insurance policy for the deadline – the timeframe for filing the claim varies by the insurer, but most companies allow homeowners up to a year to submit their claim file.