Slate Roofing Home Roof Solutions


Slate roofs are ideal for the buildings in Lincoln, NE, that can support them since they feature a timeless design and provide exceptional protection. By choosing this premium material for your roofing job rather than more conventional material, you add value to your home and even lower home insurance costs.

What is a slate roof?

Since ancient times, roofing has been done with slate, a natural material. The main reason it was utilized then was that it was the most practical and affordable roofing material available. Many slate-covered historical buildings in the world still stand today after centuries.

With the proper maintenance, roof slates are a sturdy, low-maintenance product that can last a lifetime and more!

Slate roofs are highly regarded for projecting an attractive aspect when correctly constructed and installed.

Slate roofs can range in R-value from 100 to 150, depending on where installed and the kind of shingles utilized. Slate roofs are known to provide heat and cold insulation, so they are ideal for all residences, regardless of their location. Slate is available in various hues, so you may pick one that complements the design of your home, creating a distinctive appearance.

Even though slate roofs are costly, the investment is well-worth and will bring you significant ROI, get it done with professional roofers at