home solutions siding insulation energy efficient replacement repairThe siding on your home is the first line of defense that protects your building from the elements and prevents the exchange of energy between the home and the outdoor environment. How efficiently your siding prevents that energy exchange depends on many factors – here are some:

  • The material of the siding – all siding materials help maintain an energy balance inside the building, but some are more efficient than others. Wood, for example, is not only elegant, but also a natural insulator, while aluminum and steel panels transfer more heat toward the building interior; vinyl siding has great insulation properties, just like stucco and the list can go on;
  • The age of your siding – siding panels tend to become weaker and less efficient as they are approaching the end of their lifespan;
  • The existence of insulation – insulation of the right R-value, installed between the wall and the siding can further improve the energy efficiency of the entire building. Insulation is a great investment into the safety and the comfort of your home, too – the air in insulated buildings is fresher, drier and healthier than the air in non-insulated buildings, in which the walls are separated from the siding panels only by air.  Give your siding a visual inspection and have siding replacement Lincoln NE professionals out for repair or replacement if needed.