Replacment Windows Lower Energy BillsThe windows on any building serve multiple purposes, providing a view of the world outside, letting in natural light and providing a way to promote the exchange of air between the building interior and the exterior. Unfortunately, windows, especially old, damaged ones, do one more thing: they let heat escape. According to the statistics, around one quarter of the energy loss in a standard home can be attributed to leaky windows, so here are some tips for you about how to reduce that loss in your building:

  • Check your windows and the wall areas around them to determine the nature of the problem – the cause of the excessive energy loss might be the window panes, the frames as well as the wall areas around the windows. Check them all to identify the place of the energy leak and to find out whether the issue can be fixed using simple home repair methods – improperly closing lock and a couple of small cracks in the wall can be easily fixed;
  • Consider replacement – if you still have single-pane windows or if the glass in your multiple-pane windows seem to have lost efficiency, it is probably time to start preparing for Lincoln replacement windows installation. You will start noticing the energy savings right away when the new windows are in, just make sure your new windows are of the best quality that you can afford.