Home Roofing Insulation Lincoln


As you consider simple home renovations such as buying a new door or replacing your old windows before the winter comes, you also have to think of how your Lincoln NE house will be impacted overall during the winter months. Following are a few of the major renovations and changes you might have to consider before the winter cold hits in full:


  1. Think about the amount of insulation your home has. Does it have an adequate R-value? Is it too old? Does it need to be replaced entirely, or can you simply add some additional insulation to keep your home warm? All these are important questions that have to be fully addressed before the freeze hits.
  2. How long ago did you have your roof inspected or repaired? Roofing installations typically have a limited lifespan, unless you have a durable natural slate roof rated at more than 100 years. So you have to consider how your roof will be impacted by winter weather, organize a roofing Lincoln NE inspection and make sure it’s properly fixed, upgraded and insulated.
  3. Your wall insulation and siding may also need some attention. As winter sets in, cold winds can transfer heat away from your home, if your insulation isn’t good enough or if the siding is old and damaged. Siding replacement is often a necessary step for older homes prior to the winter months.