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The humid continental climate that dominates Lincoln can be quite hard on siding materials and the material you choose for the siding on your building in Lincoln need to fulfill other requirements, such as aesthetics, so here are the best material options that you can choose from for your new siding replacement Lincoln NE project:

  • Vinyl – the material became popular in the 1970’s and it is among the most common siding options today, too. The material has evolved a lot since it was first launched – modern vinyl panels can last for up to three decades without warping or cracking and they also come in a very wide range of designs, some varieties mimicking natural wood perfectly;
  • Engineered wood – this modern material is more durable and much cheaper than natural wood, but it offers the same aesthetic appeal. Made from tree species that grow fast and provide wood with special qualities, engineered wood siding can provide protection against the elements for at least 50 years;
  • Fiber cement – another material that can resemble solid wood and comes in many other design options, too, but is much more durable and much more affordable than any natural material, fiber cement is resistant not only to the elements, but to insects as well.